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Crypto Beam Affiliate FAQs

At Crypto Beam you make money by simply funding your account and buying NFT or CTP (Crypto Trading Pack) Packs - you can also make money by referring others to do the same.

The biggest breakthrough is the way we are able to pay daily earnings - we use the money with which you buy NFT or CTP Packs to trade crypto currencies, for a daily profit. No other program we know of makes it so easy for you to earn a significant extra income by starting with just $10.

It is not a requirement to refer others for you to take advantage of earning an extra income in Crypto Beam.
Crypto Beam rises far above other online money-making opportunities. The simple, yet effective system can even accommodate the 98 percent of the world's population who have never been successful in an online business.

Login and Profile Details:

Try logging in again; you may have mistyped your password. Keep in mind that passwords are case-sensitive.

If you are still unable to log in, click “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions provided to retrieve your login details.

While logged into your account, click "My Profile" and follow the steps to change your password or retrieve your login details, confirming the change by clicking a link in your email.

While logged into your account, click "My Profile" and follow the steps to change your username, confirming the change by clicking a link in your email. Your username will appear at the end of each of your Affiliate URL's.

You may not have received the confirmation email because:

  • You have used a "disposable email", which will not work for signing up for Crypto Beam. For best results, use a Gmail address or contact your email provider to make sure no spam controls are preventing you from receiving emails.
  • There was an error when typing in the email address. Sign up again using your preferred sponsor's affiliate link and type in the correct email address.
  • Your confirmation email is in your junk or spam folder. Check these folders to see if the confirmation email was sent there.

If none of the above apply to you, you can click here to request another confirmation email. If you still have not received a confirmation email, submit a support ticket here, click the "Submit A Ticket" button and select the "Sign-Up Problems" department.

Members are not allowed to have more than 1 account - doing so could result in you losing ALL accounts you own.

There are no limits to the total number of members who sign up from the same household. Each member must have his/her own unique email address and payment processor ID and you meet the age requirements for payment processors.

We use several payment processors to send and receive payments - just click on the links provided in the footer of every Member Area Page to register with each one. Note: Crypto Beam does NOT use Paypal or other payment processors that have their own dispute or refund management system.

Need help funding? Visit support for more details and talk to a Live Chat Agent to personally help you fund your account.

You can actually join Crypto Beam without having a Payment Processor, but you should sign up for a least one of the payment processors we use to conduct business as soon as possible. Most payment processors require verification of identification and bank validation. However, you can still use some payment processors on a limited basis while waiting for the verification to be processes. Try to get your Payment Processor account verified as soon as possible so you can increase your withdrawal and funding limit restrictions.

Every Payment Processor offers different Instructions and options based on their program and largely on what country (or state) in which you reside. It is very important to find out the specific requirements as they apply to you. Sign up by clicking your chosen Payment Processor(s) link and following the signup and verification instructions on their site.

Please submit a Support Ticket if you have any problems funding your account or use our live chat!

Crypto Beam has a Satisfaction Guarantee that includes a 7-day Refund Policy.  Click Here to learn more.

To withdraw to your payment processor:

In Crypto Beam, the withdrawals are requested from the earnings available in your Crypto Pack and Referral Balances. The Crypto Beam Wallet balance is used for funding your account and making purchases only.

To request a withdrawal from your balances, while on your Wallet page, click on “Withdraw” Your withdrawal request will be processed in the order it has been received.
The Payment Processor's fees are posted on the withdrawal page and are subject to change.

Crypto Beam System:

You receive Daily Earnings for each Crypto Pack purchased.

You simply need to purchase $10 NFT or CTP Packs, then log in each day to get paid.

No, Once a $10 Crypto Pack is purchased, Daily Earnings will be paid, for as long as the member logs in each day.

Not for NFT and CTP Packs. System designed in a such way it don’t need RESET or RESTART.

Crypto Beam Members only receive PROFITS from Crypto currency, Forex and NFT Trades - there is no risk for losses due to market volatility or crashes.

Affiliate Program:

By introducing others to the benefits of Crypto Beam, you can receive commissions to build your own account. You can also find more affiliate links and banners on the Make Money Sharing Page.

10 Level commission on every new purchase with 3 levels recurring commission on referrals ROI

    5% in commission for new purchases of NFT or CTP Packs from Level 1 Referrals.

    3% in commission for new purchases of NFT or CTP Packs from Level 2 Referrals.

    2% from Level 3 Referrals and so on…

Recurring Commissions:

  10% in commission on Level 1 Referrals ROI.

    3% in commission on Level 2 Referrals ROI.

    2% in commission on Level 3 Referrals ROI

Take some time to watch our "Video Presentation" on your Dashboard and home page to find out the many factors which set Crypto Beam so far above the other money-making programs.

To view your referrals and their productivity, click on MY REFERRALS in the menu on the left on the Dashboard.

Your affiliate links (also called URLs, affiliate websites, referral links) are found on the Dashboard, under the URL, "Affiliate Websites".


Because Crypto Beam Members are from nearly every country in the world, the holding company that owns Crypto Beam has determined it is in the best interests of ALL members to have a decentralized location. Programs like Crypto Beam are often targeted by financial and governments agencies that want to prohibit the earning potential Crypto Beam offers its members. Crypto Beam wants to allow members the opportunity to reach their financial goals by limiting any kind of geopolitical intrusion.

Additionally, information about the principals or other staff of the company will never be shared publicly because we respect their privacy and want to provide them with protection against unnecessary or malicious inquiries from members.

Because there is no political or financial oversight, there are no regulatory guarantees or backing from governmental agencies worldwide that provide protection. This is done purposely to give members the freedom to participate if they choose. (See question above) Therefore, it is up to the member to determine the level of confidence they have before spending money in the Crypto Beam System. They can rely on the past experiences of other members, but we encourage all participants to limit the money they spend to amounts they can afford. Never spend money that is needed elsewhere in your financial planning.